Meet the Team

Hope Bailey

meet hope

Orthodontic Assistant

“This is a wonderful place to work!” states Hope emphatically. “My coworkers and the doctors are so friendly and make you feel so welcome. I can’t believe the people I know that come through the door, people I haven’t seen in years. It seems like everyone comes to Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert for their orthodontics.”

Hope and her husband, Fred, have two beautiful daughters: Emily and Allie. They also have a Jack Russell Terrier mix named Myrtle. Her favorite thing to do is watch her daughters do what they love: dance, play soccer, and ride motorcycles (with their daddy of course!). In her spare time, she enjoys shopping (especially with her mother).

Chris Meadows

meet chris

Certified Orthodontic Assistant

When asked to describe what she likes about working here, she exclaimed, “Everything! Wonderful coworkers…working with people of all ages…seeing amazing work by Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert…#1 place to work, #1 bosses!”

Chris and her wonderful husband, Todd, are the proud parents of their son, Garrett. They also have a Shih Tzu named Lincoln. Out of the office, Chris enjoys cooking, crafts, and being with family.

Chelseah Gilmore

meet chelseah

Records and Lab Assistant

One of the newest additions to our team, Chelseah has always enjoyed working with children, she taught dance and gymnastics while going to school.  She is two classes away from her Behavioral Health with emphasis on child development degree .  “I am so impressed by the dedication Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert have to high quality patient care and use of cutting edge technology! I love that we are always making changes and are committed to providing the best experience for our patients!”

Chelseah is the proud mother of a daughter, Willow Jade who was a year old in November 2012.  She enjoys shopping, the beach and spending quality time with Willow.

Melissa Fields

meet melissa

Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Invisalign® Specialist, Lab Technician

As an orthodontic assistant, a lab technician, and an Invisalign specialist, Melissa demonstrates that her skill set is multi-dimensional. Melissa provides gentle care for her patients in a soothing, reassuring manner, remembering even the smallest personal detail. Melissa loves working with Dr. Panucci, Dr. Jackfert, and the rest of the extraordinary team!

Melissa and her husband, Scott, love spending time with their two children, Devin and Madison, as well as their cat Oreo, and their dog Ollie. Melissa enjoys traveling, shopping, going to the movies, and spending time outdoors with her family.

Sandi Payne

meet sandi

Appointment Coordinator, New Patient Coordinator

“I first met Dr. Panucci several years ago when my boys needed braces. I was so impressed with the way the entire team made us all feel special and important. I knew then that this office was the best around! Having worked here for several years now for Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert, my original feelings were confirmed. This is an amazing team of professional, caring women who gave us all beautiful smiles and treated us like family!” states Sandi with a smile.

Away from the office, Sandi is very active with her three boys and their activities. Ranging from music to sports, there is always something exciting going on in her and husband Jerry’s lives! One of Sandi’s greatest joys, aside from her beautiful family, involves her passion for serving the Lord. A very active member of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Teays Valley, Sandi has served as the Awana Commander for many years as well as serving on the Board of Christian Education.

Stephanie Carnes

meet stephanie

Insurance Specialist, Lab Technician

Stephanie is indeed multi-talented…she has worn many hats since joining the team in 2003, ranging from Appointment Coordinator to Lab Technician! Her intense focus and attention to detail has landed her the dual role of Insurance Specialist and Lab Technician for Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert. Highly organized and personable, Stephanie enjoys the challenge and structure needed to process and follow up on the countless insurance claims and retainers that pass through the office.

Outside the office, “Mrs. Carnes” (as she likes to refer to herself) and husband, Jeremy, love spending their time together. Having obtained an Associate Degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Stephanie thoroughly enjoys taking pictures. Her favorite subject to photograph? That would be “Mr. Carnes” of course!


Bev Schissler

Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Invisalign® Specialist

Bev offers each patient a bright smile and encouraging conversation. She loves seeing the changes in the teeth and the smiles as well as an increase in the overall self-esteem of the patients. Bev says, “Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert, with their knowledge and enthusiasm, make this an enjoyable place to work—the positive results are fantastic. The doctors provide opportunities for us to attend continuing education courses throughout the year…they are constantly striving to help us excel in our profession.”

Bev was born in Arizona and grew up all over the Western United States. An avid gardener, Bev also loves creating stained glass, sewing, and crafts of any kind. Her favorite thing, however, is golfing with her husband, Rob. Bev and Rob have many precious godchildren and a doggie, Cowboy Ben, as well as Laz, the cat.

Ashley Clohan

meet ashley

New Patient Consultant

“Having orthodontic treatment as a child helped my self-esteem. Now, I enjoy having the opportunity to do the same thing for others,” states Ashley with a smile. “The most rewarding part of my job is to see the transformation children and adults go through as their treatment progresses—that’s when you know all your hard work and dedication has paid off!”

Away from the office, Ashley enjoys playing softball, shopping, exercising, and anything that keeps her active! She loves spending time with her husband, Trey, as well as her family and friends. Most importantly, she loves her adorable miniature Yorkie, Tiki!

Kelley Gilmore

meet kelley

Financial Director & Professional Relations Coordinator

Kelley is a multi-talented member of the team, wearing many hats with knowledge galore! “I love watching patients bloom as they go through orthodontic treatment—talk about building self-esteem!” she states.

Kelley loves boating, traveling, music, reading, photography, and scrapbooking. She and husband, Jim, have two children (Chelseah and J.C.), granddaughter Willow, a beloved dog Gracie, and granddog Lola. Life at the Gilmores’ is never dull!

Lori Mallory

meet lori

Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Registered Dental Hygienist

Lori is a registered dental hygienist who chooses to practice orthodontics because she enjoys the challenge and seeing the amazing transformation that orthodontics provides to her patients. “We have a great team here, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere to be a part of every day!” Lori states.

Lori and husband Mark have two children, Brittany and Nicholas, and one grandbaby, Hadley Grace. In her spare time, she enjoys DIY projects around the house and gardening. Her favorite television channel is HGTV, which often sparks new ideas for home improvement projects - much to her husband’s dismay!

Jenni Stephenson

meet jenni

Director of Clinical Operations

Jenni has many roles in the office. She oversees the clinic, helps with clinical research, and runs the Records Room. Jenni married her childhood sweetheart, Joey. Together they have two daughters, Tayven and new baby Raya, and a wild and crazy Dachshund, Cobra. In her spare time, Jenni loves riding her motorcycle and being outdoors. Most of all, she loves to coach Tayven’s softball team.

Becky Morris

meet becky

Office Manager,  Registered Dental Hygienist

A Registered Dental Hygienist for over 20 years, Becky never dreamed she'd be working in an orthodontic office, but after meeting Dr. Panucci many years ago and seeing the extraordinary results in their mutual patients, her interest in the field of orthodontics soon bloomed into somewhat of a passion. 

Becky describes her teammates as "incredible". "I can't say enough about Dr. Panucci, Dr. Jackfert, and our entire team. It's not just about creating beautiful, healthy smiles at our office….it is also about having a positive impact and relationship with each patient individually. My husband, Greg, and I were both patients of Dr. Panucci's several years ago, so we know first hand what an amazing person as well as an extraordinary orthodontist she is." 
Both Becky and her husband are very involved at Elkview Baptist Church. Glory, her precious Labrador Retriever, creates lots of fun and excitement in the Morris household! Becky enjoys riding her motorcycle and participating in charity events.

Patti Shaffer

meet patti

Appointment Coordinator

With a style all her own and over 20 years of invaluable experience, Patti has been around the orthodontic world a long time. Her unique sense of humor brings tons of fun to our patients and team members alike! 
"I love to talk to all the different people I meet in the office, and I enjoy the children so much…they are so honest and say the funniest things! They really seem to have fun here!" Patti states with a grin.

Away from the office, Patti and her husband of almost 40 years have two children, Travis and Nikki, three grandchildren, Bryson, Grace, and Ainsley! When not in the office or spoiling her grandchildren, Patti enjoys traveling, camping, and horses.

Lori Burdette

meet lori

Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Lori loves the challenge that orthodontics brings. Having completed Carver Career Center for Dental Assisting, she worked as a dental assistant for ten years before joining the team. "Orthodontics is an amazing field of dentistry. I love what we offer to our patients." 

Lori enjoys shopping, camping, the beach and her family. Lori and her husband, Matt, are blessed with two children, Mason and Morgan. They stay busy running the kids to their sporting activities, such as basketball, baseball and gymnastics.


Allie Reveal

meet allie

Orthodontic Assistant

The clinic got a nice little shot of adrenaline when Allie joined the team in March 2011. There is no mistaking Allie’s laugh and her patients love her ready smile and gentle hands. “It’s rewarding to help make people’s smiles beautiful,” Allie says with her signature smile. “I love working here and I love everyone I work with.” Allie enjoys keeping busy…you may see her cutting hair on weekends at Regis in the mall. She also loves all types of animals.  Allie was married earlier this year to Lee Reveal.  !

Dee Moore

meet dee

 New Patient Consultant

“What a privilege it is to be a part of such an amazing team for so many years (since 1998!)” states Dee with a smile. “From 4-year-olds to 80-year-olds…I totally love spending time with the new patients explaining what will be involved with their treatment here!  Every day is like opening presents at Christmas time—each patient is special! Working for Drs. Panucci and Jackfert has allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives…and when you LOVE what you do, it’s a joy!”

Away from the office, Dee enjoys reading, doing yoga, and spending time on DIY projects projects around their home with her husband, Scott and their two beautiful, bossy Labrador retrievers, Tannah and little Miss Zoey.  With 2 grown children (Zach and Megan) both off and on their own, Dee is currently pursuing her licensed massage therapy certification.

Denise Weekley

Meet Denise

“Orthodontics is a new world for me. After having worked for many years in various roles of general dentistry I am enjoying this new learning experience and I mostly enjoy the great positive environment with the doctors and our team” states Denise.

Denise and her husband, Ralph, have a blended family of 5 grown children and 7 beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys Family, baseball, southern gospel music, loving the Lord and being a grandma!

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